About Biz

Business Information Services Inc., "Biz"

founded August 1997 has a management and operating philosophy focused on business partnerships and long-term relationships. Integrity, Trust, Responsibility, Performance, Reputation, and Relationships are corporate values that are the cornerstones of the company's foundation. Every action the company, its employees or its contractors take must be taken with strict adherence to these corporate values.

Therefore, as an example, BIZ will not accept or participate in short term business that jeopardizes long-term relationships. Wall Street is the target marketplace and has a mode of operation based on trusted relationships. Firms want to work with service providers who value long-term relationships and prefer not to work with transaction driven service providers. Wall Street firms are attracted to companies who demonstrate sustained performance not just one time successes.

BIZ provides technology services for Wall Street financial services companies. The services are very focused with emphasis on providing expert resources for a particular assignment. The company hires employees or contracts consultants with skills that are specifically targeted at providing clients with the best possible service for the project. BIZ seeks to provide superior talent to clients to support infrastructure services, application services, corporate relocations, and business/disaster recovery services. BIZ technical recruiting services provides consultants to supplement client staff and permanent hires for infrastructure and application development.

Corporate Values

  • integrity
  • trust
  • responsibility
  • performance
  • reputation
  • relationships

Career Opportunities

BIZ provides it's clients with a variety of services, including recruitment of top-quality professionals. Through our recruiting efforts, we are often able to assist our clients in locating candidates for open positions within their IT departments. On a daily basis we are working on open positions across all technology disciplines. Our recruiting staff reviews resumes and, with input from our technology staff, carefully matches the appropriate candidates with the available jobs. In this way, candidates are not sent on jobs that are unsuitable, and the client company does not need to interview candidates who lack the necessary qualifications. It's important that we meet with you to discuss your professional and technical abilities along with your personal career goals prior to sending you on an interview. More Information...