Managed Services

BIZ provides managed services for firms that want to outsource a function of their business. BIZ manages the budget, staffing, tools needed. Each client and request is different so BIZ adjusts our program accordingly.

*Chief Technology Officer as a service (CTOaaS):

 Vison, Innovation, Design, Refactoring, Documentation & Due Dilegence.

*Chief Information Security Officer as a service (CISOaaS):

 Security, compliance, accountability – without the need to hire.

*Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) & Business Continuity as a service (BCaaS):

Disaster Recovery & Business continuity solutions for any business.

*Infrastructure as a service (IaaS ):

Servers, storage, hardware, managed and made virtual.

*IT as a service (ITaas):

Monitoring and Support Services

*Storage as a service (STaaS):

Cloud powered storage infrastructure

*Backup as a service (BaaS):

Secure managed data protection; on site or in the cloud.